To create a class that's hosted both in person and online, we'll:

  • create the online version first

  • then duplicate it so everything is identical; and

  • update the location to be in-person

To begin, click Classes > Create class > Next.

Or watch this video tutorial.

Give it a name, description, date, time & duration.

Choose whether it's recurring.

And how many classes to display in advance to your customers.

Select a teacher.

Add a banner image for the class.

For the Event Location: select Online

Toggle on 'Automatic zoom link'

Click Next

Under Ticket Price, select Fixed Price

Enter the cost for a drop-in customer

Click Next

Click Create

The online version is now created.

Now let's duplicate this class and make the in-person version.

In the top right, click the Actions drop down menu.

Click Duplicate Class.

Everything should be pre-populated except for a couple fields.

Add the 'classes to display in advance' figure.

Choose Max Participants & whether to enable the waitlist.

For Event Location, choose 'In person'.

Choose a location.

Click Next.

Update the price (if it will differ from the online version).

Click Next, then Create.

Your Hybrid Class is now live! An hour before start time, the online version will send both the teacher and customers an emailed zoom link to begin the class online.

You can preview what customers will see when signing up for either of these classes by clicking 'Your page'.

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