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Step 1: Create a board
Step 1: Create a board
A board is the first step in setting up appointments and it's where all your services, staff and venues live. Here's how to set one up.
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To begin, click Appointments > Boards > Add new board.

Give it a name.

Then choose whether:

  • customers will be able book services on their own from your (publicly visible);or

  • only allow your staff to control scheduling of customer's appointments

Then, with Appointment Intervals, choose how often appointments can start (every 15 minutes? or every 30, etc).

Next, choose:

  • whether available times will be displayed in a week or day format

  • how much time will be added in between appointments (buffer time)

  • and how many days appointments will be shown in advance as bookable

Click Save.

Your board is now created.

In the next article we'll:

  • create a service

  • assign staff to it

  • and assign the service to this board

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