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Step 2: Create a service
Step 2: Create a service

Create 1:1 style services like personal training, coaching, or small group sessions. You can even rent out a staff-less facilities.

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To create a service, in the left hand nav, click Appointments > Services.

Next, give it a name, a description, a price, and a duration.

Then choose:

  • a max number of customers per appointment

  • whether the service should send customers a their own zoom link

  • and which staff should be assigned to this service

Click Save

You now have a service with staff assigned.

Now we'll add the service to the board

In the left hand nav, click Boards > select board name

then select Services > Add services.

Choose the service and Save.

The service is now assigned to the board.

In the next article we'll create availability for both staff and a venue.

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