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Step 3: Create availability for staff & a venue
Step 3: Create availability for staff & a venue
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To assign staff to the board, click Appts > Boards > select your board > Add staff.

Select staff and Save.

Note: If staff need to be created, click Manage Staff > Add new teacher

Then return to adding staff by clicking:

Appointments > Boards > choose your board > Add staff

Now that staff have been added, we'll set their individual availabilities:

Click a staff member > Add availability rule

set their availability

and click save

Here, Jen works a special kind of shift where Monday-Friday she see's clients in the mornings and again in the evenings. She only wants to bookable during these two shifts.

To set this up for her, we've added two lines of available time -- one for 7am-12pm & another for 4-8pm. Her schedule is the same Monday - Friday so we've selected Monday - Friday at the bottom of the page.

If she had a different schedule on, say, Saturday, we'd save this Mon-Fri schedule now and add one more availability rule for Saturday.

After we hit save, this is what her availability looks like.

Next let's add a venue to the board, then set its availability.
Below click, Venues > Add venue.

Select the venue and Save.

Click the venue name > add availability rule

Set availability and Save

Then click this back arrow.

Your board is now fully set up and we're now ready to start booking appointments. In the next tutorial we'll show you how to do that.

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