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Step 4: Book an appointment
Step 4: Book an appointment
Book appointments for customers. Or have them book on their own.
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There are two ways to get to your Appointment Board's schedule:

  • From the left hand nav, you can click Appointments > Schedule; or

  • From your Appointment board, in the top right, click the Schedule button.

There are two calendars. A Staff calendar and a Venues calendar. White space is bookable. Grey areas are not. To book an appointment simply click a white area and add the appointment details.

The Staff calendar shows:

  • the side-by-side schedules for each staff member

  • any class commitments that need to scheduled around

The Venues calendar shows:

  • side-by-side schedules for each location (for a birds eye view the whole operation)

When booking an appointment from the staff calendar, in the pop up, choose the:

  • venue

  • service

  • customer

To book multiple weeks (flip the toggle on up above and choose the week to end)

Click Save.

Click an existing appointment to show options to:

  • send a payment link

  • bring up Point of Sale (click Pay)

  • edit the appointment

  • delete the appointment

To make your appointment board publicly bookable for customers to self-serve, you can click the 'Private board' button in the top right.

Flip this toggle on.

Click Save, then click Schedule.

From your schedule page, you'll now see this button.

Click it to preview what the customer sees.

This is what the customer will see when they are self booking.

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