To see just your classes, make sure you're logged in using your Teacher account. If you're currently using another role, log out, then back using your teacher account.

If you don't know your teacher login, check your email. You may have already received an email to activate your teacher account. It will look like this.

Once you're logged in as a teacher, you'll see your name in the top right. Below, you'll find a list of classes you're assigned to teach.

Above, we have 3 classes. The first is an online class. The second is an in-person class. The third is an in-person where we're subbing for another teacher.

Below, we've just clicked on the Online class, which uses a zoom integration. We can start the Zoom meeting by clicking 'Click to Open.' We can also text the students all at once if needed.

To check people in as they arrive, simply click the toggle next to their name.

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