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Overview of Video Courses

On-demand videos can be presented to customers in two styles: collections and courses. Courses add a little more structure.

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Courses allow you to add quizzes, PDFs or videos. You can then organize these items into chapters.

Below is a customer facing page where a course on cooking can be purchased. See the lock symbols?

These locks indicate if a video is available. This is one way you can structure courses. You can choose the order that your videos will be watched.

The host of this cooking course has chosen to make the 'Soup' video available first. She'd like each student to watch it before the next video on Pasta becomes available.

She can also choose a steady stream of videos based on time intervals, like releasing one new video every week from a list that she has uploaded to Momence.

As a host, you can even choose to hide or 'unpublish' videos from public view. Just use the 'Published' toggles on the Course details page.

If you'd like to quickly share a link with your customers to purchase your course, from your dashboard click 'Your page'.

They'll be able to find it under 'On-Demand Videos and Courses'.

After clicking Courses, they'll see this option to purchase.

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