Momence has 3 cancellation policies to choose from:

Credits back for everything

If a cancellation is made, all payment types will be refunded using some form of store credit.

  • If a customer paid by credit card, they receive $ credits (store credit)

  • If they paid using $ credits, $ credits are issued

  • If class credits were used, class credits are issued

Credits back to Packs

Only payments made using store credit ($ credits or class credits) are refunded. Customers attempting to cancel who paid with a credit card will see a message to 'contact the host to request a refund.'

No credits back

Cancellation attempts of all payment methods (even $ credits and class credits) result in the customer seeing a message to 'contact the host to request a refund.'

To set your cancellation policy, click Settings > Customers > Cancellation Policy.

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