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Reorder your subscriptions and packages
Reorder your subscriptions and packages
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To change the order of the memberships your customers see, click Memberships > Subscriptions & Packs > Edit Order.

Then drag the memberships up or down.

To preview how customers will see the new order, click your logo in the top left, then Your Page.

If you're sharing your checkout page with customers, here's what they'll see: a list of Purchase Options. To view memberships that display on checkout pages for classes, scroll further down to view the schedule and click Book Now next to any class.

To see just subscriptions or packs that apply to appointments, click Book Appointments at the top, follow the prompts to a checkout page.

If you're using a Plugin on your website, and want to preview how this will look to customers, note that customers won't see the Purchase Options list like they do above, but will still see applicable memberships on each checkout page.

To preview this customer experience, click Studio Setup > Add to website > in the preview pain (bottom right) click on 'Book Now' next to a class to see the list of memberships presented at checkout.

To check on the customer experience on the customer facing mobile app, open the app, log in as a customer, select your studio and choose memberships.

Or, run through a checkout to purchase a class or appointment to see the order of applicable memberships.

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