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This article explains how to use PayPal to receive payments in Momence, and covers some of the most common issues you may face

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PayPal allows any business or individual with an email address to send and receive payments online. Momence gives you the option to accept payments via Paypal as well, in addition to accepting credit cards.

First off, you will need a Paypal Business account for this, which you can create for free by visiting the link below:

Once your business account is created, you can connect it to Momence to receive your payments straight to your PayPal account by going to Settings, and selecting Get paid under the Administrative heading, or simply clicking the link below:

Once there, follow the instructions below to create the connection between your Momence account and your PayPal for business account:

2. Go to Dashboard > My Apps & Credentials on the Left.

3. Click Live tab.

4. Scroll down a little and click Create App.

5. Call it Momence and hit Create button below.

6. Scroll down a little to find the Client ID and Secret . Copy and paste both in the corresponding section of the Get paid settings.

Common issues

My payment got disputed/refunded/canceled on Paypal, but it's not reflected in Momence.

Unfortunately, after a payment has been processed using PayPal, we don't get any information about any subsequent events such as cancelation or disputes. You will be able to manage the payment status via your PayPal account and will need to amend the customer status via the Momence Dashboard accordingly.

My customers are trying to use PayPal the purchase isn't reflected in Momence.

Sometimes, if a PayPal transaction is interrupted, it will not complete the booking process on the Momence end. Unfortunately, PayPal does not let us know when this happens so we are unable to reach out about it. Our recommendation is to book these customers in manually from your end or try using a different payment method.

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