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Set up a BBPOS WisePOS E Card Reader

Follow these steps to set up your Stripe POS device

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Note: Momence is only compatible with a special card reader made by stripe called the BBPOS WisePOS E. You can order it directly from Stripe here.

Install/charge the battery

  • From back of device, in the the bottom left, remove cover. Note: it can take a significant amount of force to open the battery door. A house key or small coin may help.

  • Slide battery into the exposed slot with gold connectors aligned

  • Charge the reader -- plug cable into the port with the lightning bolt symbol

  • Power on the device

In a countertop deployment, leaving the device on for extended periods is expected. With a full charge, you can expect the battery to last about eight hours.

Connect the reader to the internet

  • Select Settings > Wifi Settings > choose the network and connect

Stripe has 2 wifi requirements to enable this device:

  1. Your WiFi network must use WPA-Personal or WPA2-Personal encryption and be password protected.

  2. Both your computer and the reader must be on 2.4 GH wifi.

To check your computer's current GH setting, hold the Option/Alt key and click on the Wi-Fi icon. This will give you a bunch of information on your Wi-Fi including the channel your Wi-Fi is using right now.

If you are currently on 5GHz and need to switch to 2.4GHz, this change must be made on the router.

Pair it to Momence POS

  • In Momence, click Home > Point of Sale > Actions > New Card Reader

  • Choose a location & name the card reader

  • On the BBPOS device, from the left edge of the screen, swipe right to reveal a settings button -- Tap it and enter the admin PIN 07139

  • Under Admin Options, tap 'Generate a pairing code' for device registration

  • Enter the newly generated code into the Momence section titled Registration Code, then click 'Confirm registration'.

  • on BBPOS device, click the back arrow in the top left corner to exit

Test the connection

If the device is connected to your network, Momence POS will detect and display the reader when a card is used for payment.

To view that its connected, click Home > Point of Sale > add an item to the cart > then under the Payment section at the bottom, select Card Reader > Open Card Reader.

Having trouble or seeing an error? Try these troubleshooting steps.

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