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Payments / Refunds / Point of Sale
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Point of Sale Overview
Refund or void a transaction
Split a payment in POS
Accept Direct Debit Payments
Interac Now Live for Canadian Hosts
Use 'Other' payment method in POS
How do I release funds to get paid?
Payment failures
Use Health Care Provider codes
Set up a BBPOS WisePOS E Card Reader
Create a gift card page for customers, sell a gift card, or gift one
Add a custom payment option
Ordering a Stripe Reader
Take tips through the POS and Appointments pages, view tips in combined payroll report
Send a receipt to a customer
Edit a card on file for a customer / or have them edit their own
How to add a drop-in customer to a class and charge or comp them
Help a customer pay for someone else, like a child or a friend
Offer customers a payment plan on high priced items / edit existing payment plans
Use a customer's card on file
View failed renewals / Manually rerun a failed renewal / Update your auto-rerun settings
Set up an alternative payment method to use in POS
How to charge customers for membership on the start date?
Gift cards: Create a page for customers to create their own & pay for them on their own
Failed or declined member payments
Automatically charge customers for their unpaid classes
Schedule a custom payment (Customers > Payment plans)
Connect Multiple Bank Accounts to One Dashboard
Sell a membership / Add someone to a membership
Add a subscription or pack to a customer's account for free
View Fees Charged in Stripe
Allow a customer to pay for a membership with a gift card, then apply the balance to future renewals (workaround)
Understanding Stripe Account Rejection and Next Steps
Sell Retail Products and Gift Cards on the Mobile App
Apple & Google Pay now accepted through POS
Gift card creation page now allows purchaser to send at a later date
Sell Credits through POS (for Money/Classes/Appointments)
Apply Pay on the Mobile App
Change DNS on MacOS
Troubleshooting Stripe Terminal