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Failed or declined member payments
Failed or declined member payments

Workaround for declined payments due to zip/postal code and or CVC

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In case of a declined member card, please first check for any possible errors or discrepancies in the member's account information. Additionally, ensure that the member has contacted their financial institution to investigate the cause of the decline. Additionally contact Stripe support for further assistance. Handling such situations with sensitivity and professionalism is crucial while maintaining the member's privacy and security.

If a customer's payment fails even after their information has been verified, conducting a thorough review of Stripe's "Block rules" settings may be necessary. This will help identify any potential issues or errors that could be causing the payment to fail. Ensuring that all settings are properly configured is essential to facilitate seamless and hassle-free payment processing for all customers.

How to Check for Stripe "Block rules:"

  1. Login into your Stripe account

  2. Click on Payments tab

  3. Find the Fraud & risk tab

  4. Click on the Rules tab

  5. Scroll and find the "Block rules" section

  6. Disable & Enable rules as appropriate utilizing the three vertical dots to the side of each rule

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