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Failed Payments in Stripe but not in Momence
Failed Payments in Stripe but not in Momence
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In Stripe, a failed payment means that a customer's payment couldn't be processed successfully. This can happen due to various reasons, such as insufficient funds, an expired card, incorrect card details, or a declined transaction by the customer's bank. When a payment fails in Stripe, the payment status changes to "failed," and the amount is not transferred to the merchant's account. All these failed transactions appear on the Failed payments report in Stripe.

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Important Notes

  • Although Stripe may show multiple failed transactions, a completed transaction may have been reattempted after a failed one.

    • Example:

      • The client attempted to book a drop-in session, but the initial payment was declined due to incorrect card information. They received a notification indicating that the payment was unsuccessful and were advised to correct the card details before attempting to purchase the drop-in again. On the second attempt, the payment is successful.

      • Stripe will indicate the first attempt as a Failed Payment and adding it to the failed payments list in Stripe.

  • Momence will always capture successful payments but only some failed attempts, such as failed membership renewals, failed payment plans, and failed direct debits etc.

Verifying Failed Payments Attempts with Successful Payments

After reviewing the Important Notes section, we understand that a client may have attempted to complete a payment multiple times before successfully completing it.

To ensure that a payment in the Failed payments list in Stripe was eventually captured in Momence, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the name of the client who appears on the list of failed payments from Stripe and copy their name

  2. In Momence click on Customers

  3. Then click on Customer list

  4. Paste the name from Stripe in the search box of your Momence CRM

  5. Open the client profile

  6. Click on the Activity tab of their profile

  7. Click on the Payments tab

  8. Here you will find a list of all successfully captured payments for this client

To confirm the payment for a class that was taken, you can cross-check the date and time of the failed payment attempt recorded in Stripe with the time of the successful payment made in Momence. Usually, the time of the failed payment attempt in Stripe is similar to the time of the successful payment made in Momence.

  • Please note that Stripe uses UTC time to record all transactions.

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