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What happens when a customer's renewal payment fails?
What happens when a customer's renewal payment fails?
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When a payment fails for a membership renewal, Momence schedules retries on specific dates to attempt processing the payment again. It also notifies the customer immediately when a payment fails, prompting them to update their card.

This is done to give customers multiple chances to rectify any payment issues before the membership is affected.

Can I control how often these retries occur?

The frequency of these retries can be adjusted from Settings > General Setup by scrolling to Membership Renewals. You can also choose whether a customer gets to keep their bookings when a renewal fails.

What happens if all scheduled re-runs fail?

The customer will lose access to their subscription and won't be able to continue booking. If they are in a subscription contract, a negative balance will start accruing throughout the duration of the contract.

This is to prevent customers from trying to cancel early by letting their card fail. After all, they signed a contract, and they're on the hook for those payments.

The customer just uploaded a new card. Can I manually rerun a failed charge now?

You can manually rerun a charge from a customer's profile by navigating to Activity > Renewals.

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