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Why do I need to create a new Stripe account to get paid by Momence
Why do I need to create a new Stripe account to get paid by Momence
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If you're trying to connect your Stripe account to Momence, chances are that you've seen the error message below:

Unfortunately, due to a Stripe limitation introduced on June 2021, platforms like Momence cannot connect to accounts that are controlled by another platform. If you're seeing this message, chances are that your current Stripe account was created via a different platform (e.g. Mindbody, or Squarespace), so you will not be able to use it to process payments on Momence.

While we understand it may be a bit cumbersome to have to create a new Stripe account, we're afraid it is the only way we can provide you with the full suit of Momence payments and reporting at this point. Rest assured, the creation of your new Stripe account will only require a few minutes and won't affect your payments and renewals. The article below will guide you through this process:

If you have customer data in your old Stripe account that you'd like to migrate, we'll be happy to assist you. Please follow the process outlined in the article below so that we can assist you throughout the migration without any payments downtime:

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