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How do I release funds to get paid?
How do I release funds to get paid?

This article describes the process of receiving your business funds in your bank account as well as other considerations

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After receiving payments from your customers, we will send you this funds to your bank account on file using our payment processing partner, Stripe. In order for this to work, you will need to make sure:

  1. Stripe is connected: You can check this by going to Settings, and selecting Get paid under Administrative. Make sure Stripe is connected successfully under the "Accept card payments (online & in-person)" section.

  2. You have a bank account on file: You can check whether you have a bank account on file by going to the following link, which will bring you to your Stripe Dashboard: Settlement currencies and bank accounts.

When can I expect to receive my payouts?

Payout availability can vary based on the country you’re operating in. In most cases, when you start processing payments from your customers, you won’t receive your first payout until 7–14 days after receiving your first successful payment. The first payout may take longer for a number of reasons, including your country or being in a high-risk industry. Processing subsequent payouts then happens according to your account’s payout schedule. You can read more on the Stripe documentation about Receiving Payouts.

Where can I see my payouts?

You can view a list of all of your payouts and the date that you expect to receive them in your bank account in your Stripe Dashboard.

I received some payments before connecting Stripe, how do I receive these funds?

It's very important to make sure Stripe is connected to your Momence account before making the first purchases. In the case you have processed some payments before connecting Stripe, we will need to issue a payout for this amount to your bank account. Get in touch with us via email providing the details below:

  • Your legal name on the bank account

  • Bank Type

  • Routing Number/ABA Number

  • Account Number/ IBAN Number

  • BIC/SWIFT (if applicable)

  • Sort Code (if applicable)

  • Your Address

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