Split a payment in POS
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Lets say you have a customer with Momence dollar credits to their name and they'd like to use these credits toward a purchase, then pay the difference with another payment method.

You can do this using the split payment toggle at the bottom right of the POS page.

To begin, start the sale:

  • select a customer

  • add the items to the cart

  • scroll to Payment section

Add the first payment method

  • toggle on Split Payment

  • to apply credits, choose Membership

  • in the 'Amount to be paid' field, enter the dollar figure of credits to use (note: must be equal to or less than the credits available)

Add the second payment method

  • click 'Add new payment method' (the updated balance will auto-populate the new 'Amount to be paid' field

  • choose the second payment method

  • click Add payment method

  • click Confirm Purchase

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