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How to charge customers for membership on the start date?
How to charge customers for membership on the start date?

If you want to avoid charging customers right way for their membership, this article is for you.

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Momence has a feature using the POS that allows adding memberships to customer profiles without immediately charging.

How to charge customers at start of membership?

  1. Click on Home

  2. Click on Point of sale

  3. Select customer from the drop down

  4. Click on the Membership

  5. Select the membership from the drop down

  6. Click on the checkbox for "Start the membership later"

    1. Select the start date using the interactive calendar

  7. Click on Add to cart

  8. Under Payment select Pay at start

  9. Click on Confirm

How to confirm Pay at start?

Under the customer profile you will see the Pay at start icon under their Overview page


  • Students will not be able to book any classes that happen before their start date using this membership; however, they will be able to start bookings that occur after the start of their membership.

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