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Classes included in Membership

This article covers some of the most common reasons why customers cannot use an active membership to book a spot in a class

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When it comes to booking a spot in a class, customers can decide whether they want to pay the price of a standalone class (drop-in price), or they want to purchase a membership they can use to join this class or event. However, in some cases, customers may face issues while using their membership to book a spot in a class. These are some of the most common reasons why this may happen:

Their membership doesn't include this class/event

When creating a membership, it's important to consider the classes that can be booked using the membership. If certain classes or events are not included in the membership, customers will not be able to book a spot using such membership. For example, let's say that Mindful Llama Studio has a Reiki membership that includes all Reiki classes and courses, but it doesn't include any of the reformer pilates events. A customer who is an active member of Reiki, will not be able to use this membership to purchase a spot in a Advanced Reformer class.

Inactive memberships cannot be used to booking classes/events

Sometimes, customer may face problems when booking a spot in a class because their membership is either expired or not yet active at the time the class takes place. When troubleshooting issues with customers not being able to book using a membership, it's very important to check when their membership starts and ends to make sure the class is taking place between those two dates. The image below shows how to check the start and end date of a subscription.

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