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Quickly identify the classes that have been booked using a membership or pack.
Quickly identify the classes that have been booked using a membership or pack.

If you need help viewing classes taken with a membership, this article will guide you through the process.

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If you require a fast and easy way to view the classes that customers have signed up for using their existing or previous memberships, then this informative article is just what you need. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to do so clearly and concisely, allowing you to efficiently manage your business and provide excellent service to your valued customers.

Viewing Bookings with Memberships

  1. Click on Customers

  2. Click on Customer list

  3. Find the customer profile and open it up

  4. Click on the Activity tab

  5. Click on the Subscriptions or Packs tab

    1. NOTE: You can view Past/ Active memberships & packs history

  6. Click on the triangle icon to the left of the subscription listed

    1. Once clicked, a menu will expand that shows the classes taken with this subscription

The following information will assist you in identifying a few crucial items:

  • If a customer has an unlimited membership, you can find out how many classes they have taken during that renewal period.

  • You can also check how many credits customers have left in their membership and or pack.

  • If any future classes have been booked with the membership and or pack, you can see that, too.

  • Finally, you can find out when the next renewal is scheduled.

      • Please hover over the blue renewal symbol.

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