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Bookkeeping Upgrade: Customize Revenue Categories
Bookkeeping Upgrade: Customize Revenue Categories
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You can now customize bookkeeping categories to match your historical data within Quickbooks/Xero!

Have you been using our Bookkeeping tool, but holding out on linking your Quickbooks or Xero account because you wanted to ensure the categories matched your historical data? Or maybe you’ve been waiting to turn the app on altogether until you knew things would align perfectly…well, the wait is over! You now have the ability to fully customize the names of your revenue categories and how they will show up in your accounting software.

To start renaming your categories, navigate to Finances > Bookkeeping > Connect > select Quickbooks or Xero (depending on which you use). On this page, you will see the list of all the revenue categories in Momence and the current classification used within your accounting system.

To edit, click on the three dots next to any of the items. From there, use the drop downs to find the category name that you use within your system to match (you will see all of the account/class names that you currently use within the appropriate drop down).

Once you’ve saved the correct name for each revenue category, this is how the items will be pulled into your Quickbooks or Xero account moving forward!

Want start using the Bookkeeping App on your account? Navigate to Apps & Integrations > App store > activate Automated Bookkeeping.

Have general questions about the Bookkeeping App and how to get started? Check out this article for all the details!

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