Accept Direct Debit Payments

This article covers what Direct Debits are, the different methods Momence supports, how to enable it, and other considerations.

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Direct debits allow you to pull funds directly from your customer’s bank account for both one-time and recurring purchases. This payment method is particularly useful for businesses working with renewing subscriptions or for those who want a low-cost alternative to cards – direct debit fees are reduced by more than 60% compared to credit card transactions.

*Please note that direct debit transactions may take some time to settle. During this time, customers can make use of their purchases.

Direct debits take different forms depending on the country your businesses is located:


Payment Method












Enable Direct Debits

In order to enable Direct Debits for your business, you need to navigate to Settings, click Get paid under the Administrative heading, and toggle on the direct debit payment methods you'd like to enable.

How do Direct Debits work

After activating direct debits for your account, customers will have the option to pay using a direct debit option when making a purchase in the app or browser. Stripe, the payment processor we partner with, has an article describing how the process looks like from the customer point of view here: Payment Experience.

Prioritize Direct Debits over cards

You have the opportunity to prioritize the use of direct debits for payments for those customers who have chosen to authorize a direct debit mandate. In order to do so, you need to navigate to Settings, click General setup, and enable the option that reads "Prioritize direct debit payment methods when processing membership renewals" as shown below:

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