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Zoom JWT Deprecation Reminder
Zoom JWT Deprecation Reminder

This article aims to provide some context on the Zoom JWT Deprecation Reminder and how Momence will address this change.

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On March 2nd, Zoom sent an email to all Momence customers using the Zoom integration notifying them about a change on their JWT apps. The email they sent looks like the one below:

JWT Deprecation Reminder

The JWT app type will be deprecated June 1, 2023. After this date, you will no longer be able to use your JWT apps.

We recommend that you create Server-to-Server OAuth or an OAuth app to replace the functionality of a JWT app in your account.

See the FAQ for details.

Zoom Rooms customers who are using the Zoom Rooms JSON RPC web API should migrate to the equivalent REST API's. Documentation can be found here.

Customers using the Zoom for Salesforce app should migrate to OAuth as soon as possible. Migration instructions are available here.

Momence is currently working on addressing this changes before June 1st and will update the Zoom integration accordingly. There is no action required on your end.

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