Working with guest passes

While we don't offer a pre-built solution for guest passes, you can reproduce this behavior using linked memberships as described below.

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Guest passes are very useful when you want to give your customers the ability to bring guests to their classes or sessions. By following the steps below, you can allow your customers to book a spot for a guest using their membership.

Customer membership

The very first aspect to bear in mind is to make sure your customer has an active membership. We will edit this membership so that it gives them the option to use a guest pass.

Guest pass pack

Next, you must create a new pass called "Guest pass". This pass will not be available at checkout, so the price doesn't matter. You can set the pass duration to match the customer membership duration described above (e.g., 1 month for unlimited monthly memberships). In the Class credits section, set the number of guests your customer can bring in the period described above. Once you're happy with the settings, click "Create".

Linking the guest pass to the original membership

In this step, we'll link both memberships to allow your subscribed customers to use these guest passes. For this, you will need to edit the original membership details. Then, navigate to the "Subscription/packs that are linked" section, and select the Guest pass you created before. This will cause your subscribed customer to receive a guest pass every time their membership renews.

Using the guest pass

When booking a spot for a class or event, your customer can use their active membership to book for themselves and then use the Guest pass pack to reserve a spot for their friends or family guests. For this to work, you must enable "Allow customers to book overlapping classes/appointments" in your general setup settings.

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