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Create an on demand subscription
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On-demand subscriptions give customers paid access to on demand content (usually videos). The videos can be organized into two formats: collections or courses.

Whats the difference?

  • A collection of videos can be watched in any order

  • A course of videos requires that videos are watched in a specific order

On-demand subscriptions can include both collections and courses. The example below is an on demand subscription that includes two collections.

To set this up, first, create your collections (or courses). Note that collections require less setup and are a faster way to get your content uploaded.

  • To create a collection click On-demand > Video Library > New Collection

  • Name it > then set a default rental price and duration for the videos it will contain

  • Upload videos to the collection in mp4 format

  • To add thumbnails to a video, click on it, edit it and scroll to the thumbnail section

Next, create your On-Demand Subscription.

  • click Memberships > Subscriptions & Packs > On-Demand Subscriptions > Add New > set a price > choose your duration settings (ex. a 1 month auto renewing subscription bills every month on the same day).

  • choose whats included (ie. which video collections or courses the subscription can be used on)

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