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On-demand subscription overview
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On-demand subscriptions can give customers access to:

  • Collections (which contain videos and pdfs) and

  • Courses (which contain videos, pdfs, or quizes)

Collections are ideal if you'd like you're customers to be able to pick and choose from all videos within a collection, in any order they choose.

Courses allow you extra control over the order in which the videos are watched, require a little extra setup to make this possible.

Collections also have a 'scheduled go live' or 'drop' date feature, where you can schedule video debuts.

We'll focus on the Collections aspect here. You have 3 options to offer access to on-demand videos:

  1. A collection on its own. This can be rented out on a per video basis. It doesn't require an on-demand subscription. Just the link to the collection.

  2. An on-demand subscription. This can give access to an entire collection for a monthly recurring charge

  3. A regular subscription that includes access to either:

    all existing video collections; or... on-demand subscription that holds 1 or more of those collections.

This last option allows customers to purchase one subscription that gives them access to all types of events, appointments and on-demand content in one fell swoop.

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