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Allow over-booking with limited use subscriptions
Allow over-booking with limited use subscriptions
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Sometimes customers can run out of credits before they're subscription re-ups at the end of its renewal period.

If you've created a limited use auto-renewing subscription (ex. 5 classes a month), you may want to allow over-booking. It gives that customer that's run out of credits the option to keep booking classes and "put it on their tab".

For example, if a customer was on a limited-use subscription that gave them 5 classes a month, and allowed for over-booking,

  • they could use up all their credits before the end of the month

  • and could then book, say, two more classes using the 'overbooking' option

This would result in the customer paying the normal subscription monthly charge plus the cost of the drop-in fees for both of those additional classes, all billed at once at month end.

If this is something you'd like to offer your customers, edit a subscription and make sure it has:

  • the usage limit toggle on

  • the number of classes or appointments set

  • the 'auto-renewal' setting on

Then scroll down to toggle on 'Allow over booking' > save changes.

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