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Allow over-booking with limited use subscriptions, give discounts on each over-booking
Allow over-booking with limited use subscriptions, give discounts on each over-booking
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Sometimes customers can run out of credits before they're subscription re-ups at the end of its renewal period.

If you've created a limited use auto-renewing subscription (ex. 5 classes a month), you may want to allow over-booking. This gives that customer that's run out of credits the option to keep booking extra classes and "put it on their tab".

For example, if a customer was on a limited-use subscription that gave them 5 classes a month, and allowed for over-booking,

  • they could use up all their credits before the end of the month

  • and could then book, say, two more classes using the 'overbooking' option

This would result in the customer paying the normal subscription monthly charge plus the cost of the drop-in fees for both of those additional classes, all billed at once at month end.

If this is something you'd like to offer your customers, edit a subscription and make sure it has:

  • the usage limit toggle on

  • the number of classes or appointments set

  • the 'auto-renewal' setting on

Then scroll down to toggle on 'Allow over booking' > save changes.

You can even discount the cost of these over bookings for customers on this subscription. (Ex. $5 off the drop-in price of every extra class they buy) by:

  • tagging the membership

  • creating a price rule that gives a discount to customers with that tag

Follow this tutorial for specifics on how to set this up.



When the extra discounted charges are added to the month end sub charge, are they shown anywhere in a breakdown for the customer or host?


Yes, from a front desk role or higher role's perspective, on the customer's profile, it’s shown in the subscription payment breakdown, if they click into the payment badge. For the customer it shows in the receipt they receive.

#ability to add on extra classes

#extra classes for less than drop in fee

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