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If customers don't see your business in their mobile app, here's how they can find it
If customers don't see your business in their mobile app, here's how they can find it
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Why can't customers search for my business on the mobile app?

Customer's can't search the mobile app for businesses that use Momence because Momence wants to ensure other businesses don't steal your customers away.

So, we've built the mobile app to only show your customers the businesses they've previously made purchases from.

In other words,

  • if they've made a purchase from your business (using a Momence account),

  • and they then download the Momence mobile app (and register using the same email address),

  • they'll see your studio listed as a shortcut

If you have a customer that says they've downloaded the app and they can't see your business, send them a link to your schedule/memberships so they can make a purchase.

You can do this one of 4 ways:

  1. Ask your Onboarding Manager to send a Welcome Message
    If you are on a plan that includes Onboarding, your Onboarding Manager can send out a Welcome Email on your behalf. If they've already sent this message to your customer base, you can point this customer to that email.

  2. Send the customer a one off message with the link to 'your page'
    Click your logo in the top left, click 'Your page', copy that URL

    Then share the URL with them via the Inbox messenger (Home > Inbox)

  3. Consider using the Schedule Plugin

    Add this bit of code to your website and direct customers there. See how it works and learn more here.

  4. Send out an email blast to customers using our Marketing Suite Add On

    The marketing suite doesn't just allow you mass message your customers. It also allows you to create Marketing Templates and Sequences that target special groups you'd like send special messaging to grow your business. Learn more here.

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