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This article spends a brief amount of time with each Marketing Suite category. Use the links below to skip right to the sections you're interested in. To activate any of these apps, in your Momence Dashboard, click Apps & Integrations > App Store.

The Marketing Suite allows you to:

Target specific groups of your existing customer base with:

Target potential new customers that are showing interest with:

One-off Messaging

This allows you to schedule newsletters and blast emails/SMS to larger audiences. This works especially well in tandem with Marketing Templates, and our drag and drop feature, which lets you customize your outgoing messaging for a professional look.


Sequences allow you to have Momence target specific groups of customers with messaging based on criteria you set. You can also have Momence perform a number of other actions instead of messaging, like assigning tasks to staff, tagging customers, creating leads, and more.

For messaging, there are plug-and-play-options where everything has been set up ready to go. However, if you opt to create your own sequences, Momence gives you easy options (and lots of flexibility) to set your criteria for who to target.

To set these criteria, you'll specify 3 things:

  • Triggers -- when customer does x,

  • Actions -- then do y,

  • Counter Conditions -- unless something specific (that you specify) happens -- then don't do y')

So, for example,

  • when a customer books their 4th class

  • then send them a special message with a link to register for an intro offer

  • unless they've already purchased a membership

Momence even shows you your Triggers and Actions as an 'Add Step' button that allows you to map out what happens next, and even add Conditions for when those actions occur.

Here, a host is building a Sequence where the customer will be notified with a special message on their fourth class signup. Next, they'll click 'Add step' to create that message.

The 'Add Step' option above allows you to choose from any of these Actions below.

Before getting started its worth asking yourself:

  • Which customers are most likely to convert to memberships?

  • What direction do I regularly give to staff that I could automate based on customer activity?

  • What administrative tasks do I spend a lot of time on that I could have Momence take over for me?

You'll find answers to all of these questions in the dropdown menus of Sequences for Triggers and Actions.

Perhaps the best part of Sequences is that once you've set them up, you can sit back and let the system go to work for you, growing your business. To learn more about Sequences, click here.

To activate any of the above, click Apps & Integrations > App Store.

Marketing Templates

Marketing Templates allow you to save your work in the form of email or SMS templates. This allows you to quickly load templates into One-off messages or Sequence actions to save time.

You can even use the drag and drop template builder pictured below to make your messaging look more professional.

Some hosts load templates to fire immediately. Others use them as starting points to make small edits and adjustments. After all, its easier to play the role of editor with existing content than it is to start with a blank page.

More info on Marketing Templates can be found here.


Our Leads app allows you to collect new potential customers, send them special messaging depending on their source, then track the revenue each lead and its source generates for your business.

Leads also allow you to add forms to your website pages that allow for customers to enter their contact info, putting them into the lead funnels you create. Pair this with ads you might be running, and they'll be directed to these pages as they click through.

Below is our Lead Form builder. As you build it (off to the left), you can preview how it will look to customers (off to the right).

When building a Lead Form, after clicking 'Add new field', you'll be prompted to choose from existing fields you've previously created.

You can even automate all of the messaging by Creating New Leads from Sequences (see this linked article or the Sequences section above). If growing your business is a high priority, activating leads can help you achieve that growth systematically.

More info on Leads here.


Reviews allow you to take a pulse from your customer base to see how they're receiving you and your instructors. High reviews can validate what you're doing and lower ones can shine a spotlight on areas to improve. You can receive ratings for both classes and appointments and customers are asked for reviews via the app, email and their desktop account.

You can even have customers redirected to your google reviews page after they finish rating you through Momence. A high number of positive google reviews has been shown to boost your search engine ranking, meaning you'll be listed above other studios when potential customers are googling your type of business.

To learn more about Reviews, click here.

Customer Referrals

Referrals allow you to reward your customers for recruiting their friends to try your classes via word of mouth. You set the terms of what the recruiting friend receives after their friends register and attend class. Give your biggest fans a nudge to spread the word.

To learn more about Customer Referrals, click here.

To activate any of the above, click Apps & Integrations > App Store.

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