Set up customer referrals
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To set up customer referrals, click Marketing > Customer referrals > set your criteria for what your customers will receive. Here's a short breakdown of how referrals work.

Here's how it works.

  • After the referral feature is turned on, an existing customer of yours can find a referral link to share with their friends from either their mobile app or desktop account

  • After a new customer signs up using this special link, that new customer will get rewarded with whatever you've listed on line one, pictured below

  • Once that new customer spends what you've listed on line 2, ($20 in the example above), the original customer will receive whatever you've listed on line 3.

  • When sharing links with friends, customers will be able to see a preview of what they stand to gain if their friend spends the required amount

For more views on setup and how customers interact with this feature, see this video.

For a deeper dive on this feature, see this video that details all of its facets.

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