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Sequences 2.0: Map your Sequences visually / Add conditions more intuitively
Sequences 2.0: Map your Sequences visually / Add conditions more intuitively
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*If you're familiar with how sequences generally work, you can skip to Sequences 2.0

How do Sequences Work?

Sequences allow you to have Momence automatically target specific groups of customers with messaging based on criteria you set.

To set these criteria for which customers get targeted, you'll specify 3 things to narrow this group down.

The 3 parts are:

  • Triggers -- when customer does x,

  • Actions -- then do y,

  • Counter Conditions -- unless something specific (that you specify) happens -- then don't do y')

So, for example,

  • when a customer books their 4th class

  • then send them a special message with a link to register for an intro offer

  • unless they've already purchased a membership

When creating a new sequence from Scratch (click Marketing > Sequences > click the dropdown menu to the right > Sequence from Scratch)...

... You'll notice the Trigger and Counter Conditions are set on the first page. The Action will be set on the next page.

Whats new about Sequences (Sequences 2.0) is how you see the Actions that result. They're now shown as an 'Add Step' button that allows you to map out what happens next.

Read on to learn more.

Sequences 2.0 allows you to:

  • spacially view how Triggers and Actions relate to one another and work together

  • set up conditional logic, where you control the conditions for when actions occur

Does this affect my existing sequences?

Your existing Sequences have been migrated over to the new format and will continue working exactly the way they did before.

How does it work?

After adding your initial Trigger, you'll see an 'Add Step' button. This button allows you add an Action that occurs as a result of that Trigger.

You can also add a Condition for when this Action will occur. You're options for conditions will change depending on which trigger you chose.

For example, the condition options for a Class Signup trigger are:

  • Number of class bookings

  • Number of class visits

  • Customer has an active membership

This condition ensures the Action you'll choose next only occurs when the condition is met. Conditions are optional but worth considering for extra control.

Below, we've chosen a condition of 4 class bookings. We can now choose what happens if this condition is met (True) and, optionally, we can also choose what happens if the condition is not met (False). Use the plus symbols to add steps.

The 'Add Step' plus symbol pulls up an Actions Menu which allows you to choose from:

  • Email / SMS

  • A Staff Task

  • Add / Remove a Tag

  • Create a Lead

As you're building out your sequences you may need to take a step back to view the sequence as a whole.

The four buttons in the bottom left allow you to:

  • zoom in

  • zoom out

  • revert to see the whole sequence

  • view in full screen mode for extra screen real estate

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