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Conditions are part of Sequences.

Sequences target specific lists of customers with messaging or other actions. These actions look for special "triggers", reasons to perform the action. Triggers can be something a customer did, like booking a class, for example. Actions often have conditions, which are special requirements for the action to occur.

You may have special sub-groups of customers in mind that you'd like to market specific messaging to. You can now filter a list of customers down by specifying a new condition called 'customer has tag.'

What's a common use case?

Lets say you have a very specific group that you're crafting a message for -- like those who were just referred by a friend, who have also just attended a class.

You can arrange for Momence to identify this group of newly referred customers and automatically tag them, then send a specific message to each of these cusotmers as soon as they attend their first class.

Steps for this would be:

  1. Create a tag for newly referred customers

  2. Create a sequence that tells Momence when to apply this tag

  3. Create a separate sequence to automatically send a message to anyone that

    1. just attended class; and who

    2. also happens to have this tag

Interested in setting this up?

Here's a play-by-play guide with screenshots.

  1. Create a tag for newly referred customers (click Customers > Tags > New tag > use the following criteria or something similar. Pink isn't for everyone).

2. Create a sequence that tells Momence when to apply this tag (a trigger and an action).

Click Marketing > Sequences > New Sequence > from Scratch > use the following criteria or something similar

3. Lastly, create a separate sequence to message this group.

Click Marketing Sequences > New Sequence > From Scratch. (this sequence will contain a condition for the action)

For the trigger, choose class visit (or make this trigger whatever you'd like it to be).

Consider that you may not want to send this message on every class visit so as not to over message the customer. Below, at the bottom of the trigger page, notice how under 'Visits', I've set the count to every 3rd visit.

Next, before you click Add Action, click Add condition.

This is where we'll specify that the audience of this message will need to have this special tag.

Choose these criteria to ensure the message only goes to those those with the 'referred customer' tag.

Next click 'Add Action' and craft the message you'd like this group to receive.

Choose either email or SMS before writing your content. Submit and make sure to enable the sequence when done.

You're done! Check this recurring item off your future to-do list. Momence will take it from here. Go have a sandwich.

Learn more about auto-adding tags using sequences here.

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