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New Triggers for Sequences: Customer Referred, Tag Added to Customer
New Triggers for Sequences: Customer Referred, Tag Added to Customer
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Customer Referred Trigger

The Customer Referred Trigger keeps your new referrals engaged. With this new sequence trigger, you can set up a series of messages to ensure that new customer referrals aren't forgetting about your business.

Need a refresher on how to set up customer referrals in Momence? Click here.

Need a quick overview of how Sequences work? Click here.

When setting up your sequence, you may want to:

  • have the first message go to every referred customer as they create their account

  • set counter conditions to remove anyone from the sequence that's purchased a class or membership

This ensures the messages only fire to referrals who:

  • have created and an account

  • have yet to book, and

  • have not yet purchased a membership

To get started, click Marketing > Sequences > Customers > search for: Customer Referred.

Tag Added to Customer Trigger

Within Sequences, 'Actions' allow you to send messages, assign tasks, and add/remove tags. With this 'Add tag' action in mind, you now can create new sequences that build off the 'adding' of that tag as a triggers for other new actions.

The 'Tag Added to Customer' trigger allows you to target customers that receive a tag (either by a sequence action of 'Add tag' or by manually adding a tag to a group of customers). Need a refresher on how to bulk tag customers from your CRM? Click here.


Sequence 1:

Trigger: if a customer does x,

Action: assign tag x.

Sequence 2:

Trigger: if tag x is added to a customer,

Action: send x message or assign x task.

There are countless other creative ways that you can use this new trigger to make your business run more efficiently. A few examples are:

  • tagging customers as ‘advanced’ and sending targeted messaging about new perks they get;

  • creating a sequence with a customer feedback survey and reminder emails, and only including customers with over 100 visits;

  • having a set of emails about pre/postnatal tips that trigger anytime you or your staff members learn of a customer being pregnant and tag them.

Find this trigger under Marketing > Sequences > Customers > Tag added to customer.

Don’t have access to Sequences yet? You can activate the marketing suite straight from your account under Marketing > Sequences.

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