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Sequences Get Three New Triggers, One New Condition
Sequences Get Three New Triggers, One New Condition
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Looking to for higher customer retention and growth rates without the manual work? Sequences allow you to automate continuous and automatic touch points with your customers.

We frequently adding new triggers, actions, conditions and counter-conditions. Here are some new arrivals.

What's new?

Trigger: Intake form submission

Intake Forms are used to gather customer info ahead of an appointment.

You can now tell Momence to send special messaging or perform special actions when an Intake Form is submitted. You can even control the messaging (or actions) based on which forms are filled out. (ie. a Physical Therapy Intake Form might require a different auto-response or action than another service type).

Other actions might include staff task alerts -- if you want to be notified when someone completes a form so that you can review the information prior to their appointment. Or, assigning a special tag to the customer.

Access Sequences under Marketing > Sequences.

Trigger: Lead assigned new stage:

If you use Leads, you know that leads pass through stages. You can use these stage changes to control which actions are performed next -- whether its special messaging to nudge someone along to conversion or some other action, like assigning all leads that make it to a certain stage to a staff member to do outreach.

Don’t have Leads yet? Activate them under Marketing > Leads.

Trigger: Appointment visit using intro offers

When customers attend an appointment they booked using an intro offer, you can have Momence identify this important moment to trigger actions of your choosing. This customer is fresh off their first experience with your business. Use this trigger to capitalize on how their feeling about your services.

For extra control, consider selecting which visit (i.e. 1st, 2nd, 3rd) to help you tailor your messaging for conversion.

New True/false Condition option: when using the “Customer has active membership” true/false condition, you can now select which membership.

A use case for this could be preventing certain groups from seeing special messaging -- like customers that are already on an Unlimited membership. If you're offering promos to all customers that book a class, and want to make sure only your non-Unlimited customers receive the message, use this condition to control who gets this message.

Ie. True/false condition: Customer has Unlimited Membership. If false, send message.

Access Sequences under Marketing > Sequences.

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