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A New Counter Condition for Sequences: Active Membership
A New Counter Condition for Sequences: Active Membership
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First, what are Counter Conditions?

When setting up a sequence, you get to define the condition (a Trigger) for when an Action is performed.

An action can be a message being sent, or a task being created. This can target a large group depending on the criteria for the trigger (ie. when a customer purchases a class, send a message)

To help ensure you target the correct group of people, Counter Conditions allow you to basically tell Momence: "Target this large group of people (Trigger), but DO NOT contact this specific sub-group of people within that larger group (Counter Condition)"

An example using all three terms would be:

  • Trigger: when a customer signs up for a class,

  • Action: send them a message that says 'x',

  • unless, (counter condition) they've purchased a membership in the past -- do not send this message to those customers

What's new with Counter Conditions?

Momence recently rolled out a new counter condition option: Active Memberships.

Now, under the Counter-conditions settings of any Sequence Action you will see the option to select “Don’t send if customer has active membership.” This new setting allows you to remove anyone who currently has a membership on their account for any action that you create within a sequence.

Don’t have Sequences or Leads on your account? You can add these apps directly to your account under Apps & Integrations > App Store.

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