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Customized Prerequisites using Tags and Sequences
Customized Prerequisites using Tags and Sequences
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Marketing Sequences allow you to do more than just send messages to targeted groups. Among the list of available Actions is the option to Add a Tag.

Why would you automate adding tags?

A tag allows you to do things like:

  • restrict class or appointment booking to certain customers with special tags (ie. do not allow my customers to book this class or appointment service unless they have this tag applied)

  • give discounts on products and services to those that have a tag applied

  • run revenue reports by tag to measure which areas are outperforming others

More importantly, when you automate when and where tags are added, you remove the need to add them manually.

Aren't tags limited to just memberships?

Tag functionality is expanding to other categories. You can be very specific about restrictions for your classes, workshops, appointments, etc. by using the Add tags action type within Marketing Sequences.

In this example we'll use this new feature to tag customers, then restrict class booking by tag.

Here's a use cases you might consider:

Say you offer an advanced class. You don't use the word 'advanced' lightly and you want to be sure signups are ready for what you're going to put them through. Its a hard class, after all.

How can you make sure every sign up is experienced?

You can tell Momence to check for class history, say a minimum of 5 classes attended. Momence will then check to see 'Has this customer attended 5 classes? If so, apply this special tag. You can then restrict booking of this advanced class to only allow those that have this tag.

To set this up, there are 3 main steps:

  1. Create a Tag titled "eligible for advanced classes" (any name works), make the tag applicable to customers

  2. Create a Sequence based on 'number of class visits' that assigns this tag

  3. Use the 'Restrict booking' feature from the class' settings page to enforce this rule

Step 1: Create a Tag

Click Customers > Tags > Create new Tag

Name the tag > select Customer under 'Choose what can be tagged using this tag' > toggle on 'Turn into customer badge' > name the Custom label / choose a color.

(When we're done, this label will show next to customers names on a class sign up list)

Step 2: Create a Sequence

Click Marketing > Sequences > Create > Sequence from Scratch

Title the Sequence > For the trigger, choose Classes > Class visit

Under Visits, select Trigger on Specific Number of visits > put 5 > select On Check-in > click Submit

In the Sequence Builder at the bottom, click Add Step > Add Action

Title the Action > under Action Type, select 'Add tags' > select the tag you previously created > click Submit

Enable the Sequence

3. Use the 'Restrict booking by tag' feature

From a class details page, you can edit this setting for:

  • a single class by clicking Actions > Edit this class

  • a series by clicking 'Edit class template' (note this will update any class created from this template)

Scroll to Additional Settings > 'Restrict who is eligible to book and when' > toggle on 'Restrict bookings to customers with specific tags' > choose the tag > select 'Any time' > Save Changes

Now, customers attempting to book this class will only be able to if they've taken 5 classes. If they haven't, they'll see this automated message.

If they have taken 5 classes, they'll be able to sign up and you'll see these badges shown next to each of their names on the sign up list.

And that's it! You're all done!

Looking for other ideas? Use this new feature with Appointment Services

Maybe you're considering requiring a discovery call as a prerequisite for booking other appointment services.

You could set this up by:

  • Creating an Appointment Service called Discovery Call

  • Creating a Sequence Trigger that looks for when a specific Appointment Service called Discover Calls occurs

  • Adding an Action that then applies a tag called "discovery complete"

  • Edit each Appointment Service to require this tag to be booked

For a refresher on using the Tag added trigger, check out this article.

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