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Create New Leads from Sequences
Create New Leads from Sequences
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You now have the ability to create a lead from any sequence. To do this,

click Marketing > Sequences > select a sequence > Add an Action > Create Lead

Flexibility in defining your leads

This is useful if you have different definitions of a lead -- maybe you view existing customers that haven't yet purchased a subscription or pack yet as leads -- or if you have a part of the customer journey that you want to track within your leads list. You can then update their lead stage to track exactly where they are in their customer journey.

For example, let’s say you have a One Free Class special that clients only receive from an advertisement connected to a lead form. Also, after they use their free class, you offer an Unlimited Month Intro. Technically, once the client purchases one of these items, they are converted into a customer in Momence, however, you still consider them to be leads until they complete their intro and purchase a membership.

To add these clients to back into your leads list after purchasing the intro, you could create a sequence using the Intro offer purchase trigger and the Create lead action type, then associate it with the a source related to your intro offer. Additionally, this would also capture any client who purchases your intro offer, even if they didn’t receive the special One Free Class advertisement, enabling you to see the full picture of that group.

Find the new Create lead under the Action type section within each action of a sequence.

In another example, you could designate anyone that signed up for class as a lead, and put them through a lead funnel designed to convert them to a membership purchase.

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