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Gift Cards are now Available as a Plugin
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Gift Card Creation Pages allow you to send your customers who are interested in purchasing a gift card to a self serve page. One that includes preset gift card amounts they can pick from.

Why using a Gift Card Plugin is better

Using a Gift Card Creation page used to require sending customers to a separate URL to make the purchase. Today, if they click this URL, they're still redirected there from the page they're currently on.

While this self serve Gift Creation Card page still saves you the extra step of ringing a customer up in POS, this redirection effectively removes them from the page where they initially found the URL. The addition of the plugin feature allows you to keep them on the page they're on even as they make the gift card purchase.

Why does keeping the customer on this page matter?

As a host, you may have several reasons for this. To sell them other items like memberships, to gauge interest of prospective customers using a Leads form, or to show them your class schedule, with an option to book a class.

The difference maker here is that, after making the gift card purchase, your customers can then turn their attention to your remaining offerings on your website and explore those, allowing you to capitalize on multiple upsell opportunities from one page.

How do I add this plugin to my website?

First, make sure you've set up your gift card creation page preset amounts by clicking Studio Setup > Gift cards > filling out the form.

Then, click Studio Setup > Add to Website > copy the code you see and paste it to your site builder as an element. Here's a video on how to do that.

For a tutorial on how to add an element on your respective site builder, skip to the 1:30 minute mark of this video on how to install our Class Plugin.

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