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Create an online appointment service
Create an online appointment service
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To create an online appointment service (one that auto-generates a zoom link that's sent to the customer and also available to the teacher in the appointment's details),

Name it, set a duration and price it. Then scroll to the section titled Misc.

Then navigate to a board where you'll assign the service > click Appointments > Boards > select the board > select services > click Assign Service.

You can now schedule this appointment on that board's schedule. Click the Schedule button up top to begin scheduling.

What to expect after booking an online appointment

Once an online appointment has been booked,

  • the teacher and customer will receive a confirmation email.

  • a reminder email will be sent to the customer 24 hours before the start time. This email includes the zoom link (You can edit this default email template from Studio Setup > Email Templates > search for 'online appointment.')

  • The teacher can start the zoom session appointment by clicking the appointment, then clicking on 'link to start meeting'.

  • The 'link to join meeting is for the customer'. This can be shared with the customer by following the directions covered in the next section.

If the customer needs their zoom link the teacher can:

  • copy the link titled 'link to join meeting' and send it via the dropdown up top > Contact customer

Then the teacher can choose to send and email, text or in-app message, paste the zoom link in the body and send.

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