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Add DNS Records from Momence to Squarespace
Add DNS Records from Momence to Squarespace
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Adding your DNS records from Momence to Squarespace allows you send massive amounts email marketing from Momence and ensures you're meeting the industries' new requirements to prove that you are who you say you are.

This prevents spammers from filling up your customer's inboxes and helps your emails avoid your customer's spam folders.

Note that it can take up to 72 hours for the records to be verified. Once verified, a successful status will show in Momence next to each record as a green check.

To set this up, In Squarespace, click Domains.

Click your website > Manage Domain Settings

click Edit DNS > Scroll to Custom Records

Open a separate tab in your browser > Login to Momence as an admin. It can help to drag this tab out as a separate window side by side with Squarespace. Below, we have Momence on the left, and Squarespace on the right.

In Momence, as an admin, click Settings > Installed Apps > Marketing Suite Settings. In field for Step 1, add your domain name. Then scroll to step 2.

In Squarespace, in the Custom Records section, click Add Record. Then, in Momence, copy each record and paste it into the corresponding sections in Squarespace.

  • Use the color coded circles below to identify where each record should go.

  • Click Save for each line.





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