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Explanation of Appointment Schedule Colors
Explanation of Appointment Schedule Colors
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Your appointment schedule appears in different colors. Some of the color schemes come from the colors selected for services, while others are featured colors set by the system.

Colors can be delegated on your schedule from the colors set for your services:

  1. Click on Appointments

  2. Click on Services

  3. Click on +Add service

  4. Under the Misc. section you will find the Color options for services

Once colors are selected for a service these will appear on the schedule as follows:

Troubleshooting for Appointment Colors

  • Not seeing the correct colors from your services on your schedule?

    • Click on the Options button on the top right corner of your Appointments schedule and toggle off the "Swap colors of background & status"

FAQ about Appointment Colors

What do the red and green dots on the appointment reservation mean?

  • These dots are the "status colors" for an appointment.

  • The Red means the appointment is unpaid

  • The Green means the appointment is paid

The status colors can be swapped so that the service colors appear in this section and the "status colors" appear as the background on the appointment schedule:

  • See the Troubleshooting for Appointment Colors section above for more information.

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