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Reorder Appointment Services; Workout Components & Video; Custom Waivers
Reorder Appointment Services; Workout Components & Video; Custom Waivers
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We are committed to keeping you in the loop when new features are released on Momence, so that you can ensure you are using the platform to its fullest capacity. Read one for our latest batch of releases and let us know what you think!

Reorder Appointment Services Using Drag & Drop

You can now select the order that your are shown (both internally and for your customers) using our new drag & drop function within the services tab. This new ability allows you to promote certain services at different times by bringing them to the top, and it can bring ease and efficiency to the booking process when you have your top services listed first.appointment services

To reorder your services, navigate to Appointments > Services > Edit order.

Workouts Components Library & Video Capability!

Some exciting new additions just dropped for WorkoutsYou can now build out a library of components that can be easily added to any workout that you create and schedule. Since we know that certain exercises can be added to multiple WOD plans, the components feature makes it so you only have to create that exercise once within your system, and then you can simply select it from the components list anytime you want it added to a new workout.

To create a new Workout component, go to Workouts > Workout list > New workout (or edit a preciously made workout) > click the + to add new component.

As your components list grows, you can simply select the component(s) that you want to add from the drop down as you create a new workout.

You now also have the ability to attach a video within any workout component! This is an incredibly valuable way to ensure that your customers are learning proper setup and form, and also gives you the chance to add in tips and pointers as people are learning. To attach a video, first add it to an , on-demand collectionthen you will be able to select the correct video under the Attach a video section when creating a new workout component!

Custom Waivers

Do you have any offerings where a custom waiver is required? Maybe you host retreats and need specific waivers for each trip, or you require waivers based on the outside venues you host pop-ups at, or maybe you are a rock climbing gym and need customers to sign based on which wall they will be climbing. No matter what the use case is, Momence now has Custom Waivers available!

To create your first custom waiver, head to Settings > Waivers & terms. From there, you will be able to name your waiver and add in the specific terms and conditions. Once the waiver(s) are created, you can get a customer to sign any waiver by navigating to their customer profile > Custom waiver > edit > select waiver > choose to Sign on this device or Send to email.

Once signed, the waiver will show under that customer’s the Custom waivers box as a reference.

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