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Add a child from the mobile app, book on their behalf, or allow them to book
Add a child from the mobile app, book on their behalf, or allow them to book
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To download the customer facing mobile app use one of these links: Apple, Google.

Add a child to your account from the mobile app

Log into the app, click 'Manage children' > Add a child > Create a child account (or Request Association -- ie. if your child already has a Momence account with their own email, you can request to add this account).

If they have their own email (but no Momence account yet, you can create a momence account for them in the following step).

If you've chosen to Create a new child account, enter their name > choose whether to:

  • use an existing email they already use, or

  • auto-generate a new email for them (which will create a version of your email with numbers added to the end). Ie. if your email is [email protected], your child will get something like [email protected]. This also allows you to set their password for them when the confirmation email comes your way.

If you choose to enter an existing email the child has, they'll need to open their email, click a link to confirm their account, and set their password before they can gain access. If they need to download the app, share one of these two links: Apple, Google.

Book for your child or allow them to book for themselves

After their account has been confirmed, you can start booking for the child from your mobile app. You'll see this Account option at each checkout where you can choose to book for your child instead of yourself.

Note that you can use a subscription or class pack to book for your child only if:

  • your studio's management has a policy that allows for sharing subscriptions; and

  • your studio has shared your subscription with your child (using their admin access from your customer profile)

Otherwise, you'll be able to use a card on file in checkouts. Your child can also download the app and book using your subscription or class pack if your studio has shared it with them.

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