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In usage limit subscriptions, combine your usage credits
In usage limit subscriptions, combine your usage credits
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A usage limit subscription allows you to give a limited number of credits per billing cycle.

Examples include:

  • 10 classes a month

  • 5 appointments a month

  • 10 classes AND 5 appointments a month

This last option is an example that would give 10 class credits and 5 appointment credits. But what if you want to give 15 credits that can be used on either a class or an appointment? Combining your usage credits allows you to do this.

To do this,

Click Memberships > Subscriptions/packs > Create a new subscription or edit an existing one > Under Duration Settings, toggle on Absolute Interval > scroll to Usage Limit Settings.

Toggle on 'This subscription has a usage limit' > toggle on 'Combine Usage Limit between classes and appointments'

Set the number of credits the customer will receive & Save.

Important: if this is subscription that needs to renew every month, make sure to set the duration settings (ie. Absolute Interval: 1 month) and toggle on 'This subscription Auto-renews'.

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