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Create an intro offer for a limited # of classes
Create an intro offer for a limited # of classes
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In the example below we’ll create a intro offer that:

  • is a running promo

  • lasts one week

  • can only be purchased once per customer

  • offers a limited # of classes

To begin:

click Memberships > Subscriptions and Packs > Add new subscription

Give it a name > then, set a price (can be set to $0 if needed)

Then scroll to Duration Settings > choose Absolute Interval > put 7 days > toggle on 'Purchasable only once'

Toggle on 'this subscription is an intro offer'

Under Usage limit settings, toggle on 'this subscription has a usage limit' > put the number of class credits you'd like customers to receive

Choose what the intro offer can be used on > then click 'Create'

Click the back arrow up top to back out to the Index Page

Find your newly created promo in the subscription list > flip the toggle on to make it 'Featured at Checkout' for customers

To see what customers see at checkout, click 'Your page'

The promo will now be listed under your Purchase Options

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