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Payment Settings with Subscriptions
Payment Settings with Subscriptions
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Payment settings in subscriptions allow you to choose what customers will pay and how.

Note: Payment settings can tie in closely with Renewal Settings. We'll link to this article again at the bottom of this page.

Fixed price allows all customers to pay one price.

Customers pick price allows you to set a range, where the customer can use a sliding scale to choose what they'll pay.

In a customer self serve checkout, the sliding scale will look like this.

In POS, the sliding scale will look like this.

Counts as non-paid for teacher payroll is a setting you'd use if you were creating a staff membership. Ie. if this is a staff membership, and the staff member is using it to attend a class, the question is, should that teacher be compensated for their attendance (going by the pay rate rules you've set for that teacher). If the answer is no, toggle this on.

Allow customers to use a payment plan is useful for higher priced, non-renewing subscriptions. By toggling this on you can set the schedule the customer will be charged.

They'll pay the initial down payment and then, for example, you could make the next scheduled charge 50 after 15 days, then another 50 after 30 days, then another 50 after 45.

The scheduled payments work back from the initial payment date so make sure to increase the 'after x days' figure with each installment you schedule.

Learn more about how Subscription Renewal Settings work.

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