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Class waitlist common problems
Class waitlist common problems

This article covers some of the most frequent issues that hosts face when working with class waitlists.

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In case you want to know more information about how to add customers to a waitlist, or how to override a class waitlist, feel free to check the articles below:

Below are some of the most frequent issues when dealing with waitlists

Why was my class overbooked?

Classes can end up with overbooking as a consequence of different reasons, being the main ones:

  • Someone has overridden the waitlist capacity as described in the Override a class waitlist article.

  • A customer has been transferred into the class. When transferring a member from a different class, the max capacity settings for the new class are overridden, which may cause the class to end up overbooked.

Someone canceled their attendance to a class but a new member wasn't pulled from the waitlist.

When creating classes, one of the settings that need to be configured is the waitlist cutoff time. This sets the number of minutes before the session starts that people will no longer automatically be booked off the waitlist. This means that, if someone cancelled their assistance within this timeframe, we will not automatically pull someone from the waitlist.

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