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Add class notes for (only) teachers to view
Class types overview
What is auto check-in and how can it help?
View your cancelled classes / How to un-cancel them
Classes & Events Schedule
What customers now see in checkouts
Will deleting a class template also delete classes created with that template?
Create a class (one off or recurring, online or in-person)
Use templates to create a recurring class series, make changes to that series
Create a Semester
Recurring class settings
Assigning teachers & pay rates to classes
Class location settings
Semesters vs Courses/Challenges: a side by side comparison
Extend how far out a recurring class is bookable by duplicating it
Class waitlist common problems
Book a customer into an upcoming class
Add someone to a class waitlist
Override a class waitlist
Late cancel someone out of class
Un-cancel someone (back into) class
Change the teacher or location for a class
Add a second teacher to a class
Automatically charge customers for their unpaid classes
Recurring class settings: schedule an end date + more
Create a hybrid class (online and in-person)
Create recurring drafts of classes that auto-publish 1 week ahead of each class
How does the welcome message work?
Create a sales cutoff for classes
Customers can now book themselves into a recurring series
Cancel a customer out of a recurring class series
How to view a vaccination status in customer profile + in class roster
Ticket tiers for classes
Altering the class duration of a course on a per day basis
Bulk booking: Book a customer into recurring sessions in one click
Remove 'spots remaining' from checkout pages
Use spot selection in classes
How to know if someone at the studio is new
Message your class while canceling it
Sub in a teacher for a past class
Prorate courses and semesters for late arrivals